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Write a vision and create a plan is how 3HG was established in 2018. Shenetia Henderson, Joyce Hunter, Langanette Hunter, and ShaKarma Green joined together to formed 3HG, LLC. This vision was actualized as a result of four unique ladies’ impressive skillsets. With their combined experiences, these ladies knew they could provide quality business consulting needs. Each lady brings forth a strong presence and universal knowledge that covers a multitude of areas. Born in the South, these ladies’ southern charm and hospitable character ensures that all clients and partners are given that individualized and unique experience. More so, 3HG’s morals, values, and beliefs are demonstrated in their day-to-day business operations.
As simple as the name is, it packs a powerful punch because it was derived from their last names. So the business itself carries a piece of them and as such, 3HG embodies who they are. Who are the ladies of 3HG? They are writers, planners, event planners, project managers, financial and business analysts, just to name a few. They are ladies that stand strongly on their motto “Turning Passion Into Profit”.

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It is important to 3HG to be transparent. As a result, our values of honesty, integrity, commitment and delivery are at the core of what makes us 3HG. We are a company that strives for excellence and always aim for positive results. We are committed to embracing the various aspects of businesses by developing partnerships that are result driven, which ultimately leads to exemplary customer satisfaction. 

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3HG’s mission is to turn your passion into profit by providing the right resources, to the right business that will lend itself to the right outcome.

Bottom line: Our business is people driven; where people are cared about and the knowledge is shared.

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